Cardio, and when to do it.

ImageTo any person who works out and their goal is too lose fat and tone up then cardiovascular exercise is going to be a part of their workout routine. There are different times to do cardio, and each person has their own preference. One should supplement cardio into their strength training routine.

The first and most commonly time to do cardio is in the morning when you wake up. As soon as you wake up and you go do cardio without in taking any calories. The reason behind this is because your body uses up all of your excess calories while you are sleeping so then when you wake up and do cardio you are burning strait fat. According to Livestrong, it also boosts your metabolism for the rest of the day.

The next strategy to doing cardio is during your workout. You will do a set of strength training and then in between sets you will do some form of cardio such as kettle bell swings, jumping jack or running in place. the reasoning behind this is to keep your heart rate in the fat burning state.

The last type of cardio is to do it after your strength training workout. While you are strength training you are burring off all of your carbs and calories that you have intake throughout the day. So once your body has used up all of your calories then you do cardio your body is forced to use the fat that it has stored.

Each person has their own preference and each persons body is different on which cardio works the best for them. Just because one cardio plan works for one person does not mean that it will work for everybody and you need to figure out which one works for you.



Keeping form to help you transform.

ImageEvery time I walk into a gym it never fails I always see somebody doing way too heavy of weight and they are compromising they weight lifting form so that they can do the weight. Many people call this ego lifting, that people are just trying to out do everybody in the gym and are trying to show off.

In reality they are actually just hurting themselves. They are putting their bodies at risk of injury and they are also not working the muscles how they should be worked. According to Lovingfit when you break form you are not engaging as many muscles fibers so that they muscle is not reaching its potential.

As I mentioned before they are taking their bodies out of the kinetic chain, which means that all joints and supported by another joint, and when that happens your body is more vulnerable to injury. For example, when one is doing a back squat and they are letting their knees go past their toes, and letting their back arch they are putting all the stress on the ligaments in the knee or all on their lumbar spine. Many people will argue well it doesn’t hurt me, at the moment it may not but overtime it will cause life long injuries.

So when working out remember to always make sure you do your research about form, and when performing them for the first time to have somebody spot them so that they can correct their form and make changes in the body position if needed.

Eat for long term goals, not short term satisfaction.

ImageMost people workout at least three times a week, most of them will go to the gym and get on a piece of cardio equipment and will stay on there for about a half hour and then leave. Some people will weight train or do resistant training, they feel good about themselves and then when they leave they will eat almost whatever they want.

People don’t realize exactly how few calories you burn and how fast calories will add up. According to AICR cutting out the beverages that has a lot of sugar in it is one of the best ways to cut down calories.

Most of people are not educated with nutrition so they don’t think that they can have a good diet without any help. Just cutting out fast food, sugary drinks, and foods that have a lot of saturated fats in them. Some people will also cut out everything and eat a plain diet and stick to it for a couple days or weeks but then get burnt out on it and just regress back to their old eating habits.

To main a good diet it takes a lot of dedication and discipline. When people eat they always just want to eat “good” food. They are so obsessed with eating good tasting food that they will give up the bodies they want, and put their bodies at health risks. If you are trying to change your appearance then you are not going to have very good success if you are putting in more calories in your body than you are burning.